Treviso Airport Guide to Treviso Airport (TSF)

Treviso Airport Terminal

Treviso Airport has a single passenger terminal, which hosts both international and domestic low-cost flights to many destinations in Europe and Africa.

The terminal was first opened in 2007 and was named after the famous Italian sculptor Antonio Canova.

The airport is mainly served by the low-cost carriers Ryanair and Wizz Air.


Treviso Airport passenger terminal is split into two different levels as follows:

Ground level: This level is dedicated to the Arrivals. Find the bar in the central part of the ground floor, and nearby it, an escalator to access to the upper floor. The car rental booths are located in the north and in the east part, while the VIP lounge is in the far west.

Find in this floor the Arrivals Hall, along with several services such as bar, restaurants, toilets, public phones, ATMs, currency exchange, tourist information, ground transportation options, post box, PRM and many more.

First level: Find in this level the Departures and the check-in hall. The Check-in area is located prior to the security control, counting with several services close by. After clearing security, you’ll encounter with two waiting areas and plenty of amenities. Boarding gates are located both in the far west and in the far east of the level. Find the available services: food, drink and retail concessions, Wi-Fi connection spots, public telephones, phone chargers, toilets.


See below the airlines serving Treviso Airport terminal:

- Ryanair: +39 895 8958989
- Wizz Air: +39 895 895 3322


The following services are available to passengers in Treviso Airport terminal:

- ATMs
- Banking facilities
- Currency exchange
- Luggage storage
- Luggage wrapping
- Mobile chargers
- Car rental booths
- Duty free stores
- Food, drink and retail concessions
- Lost & Found
- Toilet
- Post box
- Public phone
- Free Wi-Fi connection points
- Bus ticket counter
- Treviso tourist information
- Treviso tourist office
- First aid station
- Lost luggage
- Storage room
- VIP lounges
- VAT refund
- Pharmacy
- Baggage wrapping